How You Can Receive Workplace Burn Injury Work Accident Compensation in Queens

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Robert Golan

Workplace burns are a common occurrence in the U.S., with over 40,000 incidents reported annually. Out of all of these cases, 25 % of these accidents take place on construction sites. When burns occur, victims require emergency medical attention. These injuries can be permanent, depending on the degree level of the burn injury, whether it is first degree, second degree, or third degree.

Third degree burns are usually the worst, leaving permanent damage, but the pain and suffering that comes along with the lesser degrees of skin burns can be just as intense. Often, burn injuries receive skin-cancer as a result of their injuries. Depending on the setting a burn accident takes place in, workers are often qualified for Workers’ Compensation benefits.

Here are some examples of burn settings that typically qualify for Workers’ Compensation:

– Emergency personnel, such as firefighters responding to a call
– Burns caused by electrical fire due to faulty wiring in a workplace
– Injuries caused by inhaling smoke or other toxic fumes while on the job
– Burns caused by spilled building materials that are hot like roofing tar or hot oil
– Cooks burnt on the job by stove tops or boiling water
– Injuries sustained by mechanics from corrosive substances, such as battery acid
– Workplace fires in warehouses, mills, factories, refineries and other locations
– Skin burns caused by radiation exposure as a direct result of working on the job
– Burns caused by construction site fires
– Office burns that could have been prevented with simple safety equipment like fire sprinklers
– Burns caused by hazardous laboratory chemicals and failure to have proper equipment in place
– Plumbers burned by work-related solvents like drain cleaners and rust removers

Regardless of how insignificant you believe your job-related burn might be, you should contact a Queens Workers’ compensation attorney. From burns caused by work related spills of hot substances to random accidents, you need a Queens work accident compensation lawyer immediately for a complimentary case evaluation to discuss what happened that caused your workplace injury.

To proceed with your Workers’ Compensation case alone could cost you money. Let a Queens injury compensation lawyer fight to help you receive the monetary benefits you need for yourself and your family.

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