What is a Worker’s Compensation Independent Medical Exam?

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In a worker’s compensation case, the effects of a workplace injury must be measured accurately and objectively. That’s where an independent medical exam comes in. Independent medical exams are used to decide long-term worker’s compensation benefits and to settle disputes between employers and injured workers.

Independent medical exams measure impairment, or how severe an injury is and how much it will affect a worker’s job. A medical examiner uses an impairment rating to show whether the permanent effects of an injury will prevent a worker from going back to their job.

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A worker who cannot return to his previous position, but can work in a less strenuous and lower paying position, is considered partially disabled. He will likely receive benefits to make up for his loss of income. A worker who cannot return to work at all is considered totally disabled. She will likely receive more benefits to pay for everyday expenses.

In most Queens worker’s compensation cases, an independent medical exam is performed after a worker has received 104 weeks of benefits. Before the exam can be performed, a doctor must conclude that the injury has reached maximum medical improvement and will not heal any further.

Then, a qualified medical professional with no direct ties to the employer, the employer’s insurance company, or the injured worker determines the worker’s level of disability on a scale of 0 to 100. In most cases, an impairment rating 0 indicates no disability, and a rating of more than 50 indicates a total disability.

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