Latest Study on Trends in New York Workers’ Compensation

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Robert Golan

In 2007, sweeping reform was made to the Workers’ Compensation rules of New York. Since that time, the Workers Compensation Research Institute (WCRI) has been tracking the adjustments to the older regulations. This yearly study has uncovered some interesting facts, and also shows why hiring a work injury lawyer, Nassau based, can help you with questions on the new system.

Partial Disability Payments Over Time

Along with the new regulations and a quick judgment, better medical care, a quick recovery, and recouped lost wages are possible. The broken Workers’ Compensation Nassau system often dragged out permanent partial disability (PPD) benefits over an unlimited time. By raising the maximum statutory benefits and placing a limit on the number of weeks paid, the number of visits to medical care centers has decreased.

Medical Treatment and Permanent Partial Disability Payments

According to the Insurance Journal, the right medical treatment should be determined by a qualified physician and with this new program, there has been a 15% decrease in flat PPD benefit payouts, but with medical coverage following stricter guidelines.

What Workers’ Compensation is Designed to Do

Workers’ Compensation is designed to help employees that have suffered injury in the workplace and to return them to a normal life as soon as possible. It is important to have the best representation for your individual case when it is brought in front of the board.

How a Nassau Workers’ Compensation Attorney Helps Your Case

By working with a Workers’ Compensation Nassau attorney, like Robert Golan, your injury and monetary suffering will be presented in a realistic manner and will not short you the time or treatment that is necessary. Robert Golan, PC, is a Workers’ Compensation Nassau based attorney that is proficient in workplace injuries and compensation.

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