Do You Have to Pay for Personal Protective Equipment?

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Personal protective equipment, or PPE, is one of the most important tools workers can use to avoid workers comp cases in Queens, NY. But who is required to pay for PPE?



When Do Employers Pay for Personal Protective Equipment?

As of 2008, employers must provide the employee PPE if the equipment is necessary to comply with OSHA standards. Employers must also train all employees in PPE care and use and replace or repair PPE that have worn down or been damaged. Businesses cannot charge workers for these repairs or replacements.
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Workers may provide their own PPE, but the choice must be completely voluntary. If a worker wants to use his own PPE, the employer must ensure that the equipment meets OSHA standards and provides adequate protection.

Even if the employer agrees that the PPE becomes the property of the employee, the business cannot charge the worker for the equipment.

When Do Workers Pay for Personal Protective Equipment?

There are a few types of PPE that employers are not required to pay for. Employees are responsible for providing:

  • Non-specialty footwear such as steel-toe shoes or boots.
  • Everyday clothing such as shirts, long pants, winter coats, gloves, hats, raincoats, and normal shoes and boots.
  • Sunscreen and other protective skin cream.
  • Lifting belts.
  • Hair nets and gloves worn by food workers.

Employers do not need to pay for PPE that a worker has lost or intentionally damaged.

Employers may charge a deposit to an employee when he first begins employment, but he must be reimbursed after a specified length of employment or upon return of the PPE without charge for wear and tear.

If the employer owns the PPE that the employee uses, the employer can require the worker to return the equipment when she leaves the company. If she doesn’t return the equipment, the business can charge her for it.

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