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Supplemental Security Income for Social Security Disability

Receiving SSD/SSI benefits can take months to work through the process. As a Long Island injury attorney, Robert Golan PC has experience with working through this lengthy process. Call now for your free workers compensation consultation to discuss your case. Call 516 586-3910.  ...
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Workplace Accidents and Injuries

No job is immune from accidents and injuries. There are industries, however, that put workers at greater risks than others. At Robert Golan PC, we work with a variety of workers, including construction workers, manufacturing and factory workers, nurses and home health aides, office workers, and individuals in many other professions. The most common accidents and injuries that take place at work are slip-and-falls, injuries to your back, car accidents and occupational diseases, but there is a wide range of other types of accidents as well. Call now for your free workers compensation consultation to discuss your case. Call 516 586-3910....
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Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Have you suffered an injury on the job? Medical bills and expenses continue to pile up while you are disabled or suffering from an illness that has left you unable to work. You may be able to receive benefits from Workers Compensation and Social Security Disability/Supplemental Security Income (also known as SSD/SSI). Receiving these benefits depends on what caused your disability. This is where we can help you receive the benefits you need. Settling a workers compensation and SSD/SSI case can take months. An experienced Long Island workers compensation attorney can make the process of receiving benefits easier than if you are representing yourself. At Robert Golan PC, we offer a free consultation which you can get by calling 516 586-3910 or use the contact us form....
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