Queens Work Accident Compensation Lawyer Answers The Question: What Are The Most Common Injury Types In The Workplace (And How To Prevent Them)?

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Robert Golan

According to Queens work accident compensation lawyer, Robert Golan, PC, it is possible for an accident to occur at any time and at any place. Most accidents and injuries at the workplace are preventable when employees are taught how they are caused, as well as means to avoid accidents and protect themselves. While no employee would like to become injured while working, there are four prime injuries that could become a reality.

Injuries to the Back at the Workplace

This is the leading cause of workplace injuries due to lifting more than one can carry. Twisting, overextending, improperly lifting, straining, and bending also cause it. In order to prevent this from occurring, proper lifting techniques can be employed offering long-term protection. For example, bending at the knees and never at the waste is the first rule of thumb. Other aid is for more than worker to lift heavy items.

Impact by Hit or Strike Work Accident Injuries

When an employee experiences an impact by or strikes up against objects, this is the second most common workplace injury. Employees can protect themselves by remaining alert while on the job and make use of protective gear such as gloves, hard hats, and eye protection.

Falling Workplace Accidents

In order to prevent falling, employees should ensure they have firm footing and that they are wearing slip resistant shoes. They should pay attention to where they are walking, should not leap from level to level, and they should not walk backwards when directing any equipment. When carrying a load, they should see over it, the walkways should be clear of obstacles, and it should be well lit. If any spills occur they should be cleaned up immediately, especially grease.

Workplace Accidents With Machinery

The last major cause of injuries in the workplace is accidents involving machinery. More specifically, employees getting caught in the working parts of the machinery cause accidents with machinery. The safety shields, lockout procedures, and guards should always be used on any machinery with moving parts and equipment. Furthermore, only workers with training should be using machinery. Under no circumstance should anyone wearing loose fitting clothing or jewelry be operating machinery because it could become entangled in the moving parts.

What to Do to Prevent Injuries in the Workplace

It is important to remain alert to the hazards found within the workplace and learn to protect yourself against them by using procedures set in place to provide the safest environment possible. Equally as important, your company should establish safety guidelines in order to prevent accidents and injuries from occurring. If accidents do occur, consult with a Queens work injury lawyer immediately. Your Queens work injury compensation lawyer will be able to discuss your rights and responsibilities in a clear and concise manner.

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