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Work related accidents are fairly common occurrences in Queens. Without proper legal representation, many workers find their accident claims ignored by their employers and denied when they apply for workers’ compensation. When you receive treatment like this, it can leave you in a bind. At Robert Golan, PC, we understand that you are in pain and cannot earn a living while injured.

Get an Experienced Queens Workers’ Compensation Attorney On Your Side

We’ve seen many employers’ insurance company deny claims. They are often unwilling to pay for the medical treatment necessary to help you get back on your feet. When employers do acknowledge injured workers, they make lowball settlement offers. Robert Golan, PC, an experienced Queens Workers’ Compensation attorney helps you receive the compensation you deserve.

Robert Golan, PC is an experienced, knowledgeable, and aggressive lawyer who knows Workers’ Compensation law and fights to protect your rights. Robert Golan, PC specializes in Workers’ Compensation cases and commits to making sure his clients get the help they need. Robert Golan, PC handles each case personally and is the only Queens Workers’ Compensation lawyer assigned to your case.

Our Fierce Queens Workers’ Compensation Lawyer’s Process to Handling Your Claim

We take immediate action when you contact us regarding your Workers’ Compensation claims. First, we listen carefully. We then do a thorough investigation of our own into your case. We offer expert guidance, make you aware of your potential benefits, and make sure your Workers’ Compensation claims are filed properly. We continue to offer you guidance until your Workers’ Compensation case is settled.

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If you were injured on your job, contact us online or give us a call at 516-586-3910 and we will schedule a free initial consultation. Robert Golan, PC is an experienced Queens work injury compensation lawyer and will get back with you immediately to discuss any concerns with you and explain your rights.