Questions to Ask at a Free Consultation with a Workers’ Compensation Attorney

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A free consultation with a Long Island workers’ compensation lawyer gives you a chance to ask questions about your case and learn which lawyer is right for you. Here are four questions to ask during your consultation to help you find the right person for your case.

What are your fees?

As discussed in a previous post, most Queens workers’ compensation attorneys are paid through a contingency fee. The fee will depend on state laws, your lawyer, and the complexity of your case. In the state of New York, you will probably pay your lawyer 10 to 20 percent of your final settlement. Be wary of attorneys charging a much higher or much lower percentage. Those asking for more may be trying take more than their due, while those asking for less may not be qualified to handle your case.

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Have you worked on workers’ compensation cases before?

Not every lawyer will be a good fit for your case. Make sure that you choose an attorney with significant experience working on workers’ compensation cases.

How many other cases are you working on?

Many attorneys do not take on an appropriate caseload. Some take on too many cases at once and neglect to spend enough time on any of them. Others take on too many cases and wait to file your case while they finish up others. Or, they may farm out other cases to inexperienced attorneys at the firm. At your case evaluation, make sure that your attorney is taking on the right amount of cases, that he will start work on your case right away, and that your attorney himself will be the one working on it.

What is my case worth?

A lawyer with experience in cases similar to yours will be able to give you a ranged estimate of what your case may be worth. Be wary of attorneys who guarantee a particular number or give you a number that seems unrealistically high.

Do you need a Suffolk County workers’ compensation disability attorney?

If you’ve been injured at work in Nassau, Queens, or Suffolk County, Long Island federal workers’ compensation lawyer Robert Golan can help you receive a fair settlement. Contact us online or call us at (516) 586-3910 to schedule a free consultation.

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