Safety Tips for Repair and Maintenance Workers

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Repair and maintenance jobs are some of the most dangerous jobs in New York. In 2013, nine New York repair and maintenance workers were killed due to workplace injuries. Exercise caution on the job with these safety tips:

Wear Personal Protective Equipment

Every day, repair and maintenance workers deal with many types of equipment that require different PPEs to keep safe. Before working on any machine, make sure you’re wearing the appropriate equipment. If you’re not familiar with a machine or its required PPE, ask your supervisor or refer to the machine manual.

Use Caution When Working from Heights

Falling from heights is the second most common cause of maintenance worker injuries, so be sure to use the right equipment for reaching difficult spots. Use slip-resistant stationary steps, scaffolds, elevating work platforms, or ladders when necessary. Whenever possible, use equipment with guard rails or other fall protection measures. Never use makeshift step stools such as boxes, shelves, or machines.

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Use Ladders Correctly

Safety ladders are one of the most common tools used to repair high-up equipment. Make sure to use your ladder properly. When climbing, face the ladder head-on and maintain three points of contact at all times, removing only one foot or one hand at a time to climb. Don’t use metal ladders near power lines or exposed electrical circuits. When setting up a ladder in a busy area, use guards, signs, or barricades to prevent a collision.

Use Power Tools Correctly

Power tools can be dangerous no matter how often you work with them. Stay alert for any damage or defects to your tools, such as frayed wires, cracks, and loose or missing bolts. If you notice anything amiss, inform your supervisor and replace the tools. Do not use tools that seem even slightly damaged. Before working with power tools, mitigate hazards in your area. Clean up obstacles and slip or trip hazards, place safety cones around the area, and pay attention to your surroundings.

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