Robert Golan Wins Appeal for a Thermometer Factory Worker Denied Monetary Benefits

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Robert Golan

Robert Golan, PC a worker’s compensation attorney serving Suffolk and Nassau counties, recently won an appeal in the case of a thermometer factory worker who was exposed to mercury and developed mercury poisoning. The Trial Judge ruled that although she was in fact exposed to mercury at work and could no longer work in any environment containing mercury, she was otherwise healthy, and was not entitled to workers compensation monetary benefits.

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The Trial Judge based his Decision on a specific case precedent. Mr. Golan successfully argued that the case precedent was different from the client’s case and that the client was disabled and entitled to monetary benefits, until she could find alternative employment at the same earning level. The Appellate Court reversed the Decision of the Trial Judge.

The client wrote: “Thank you so much for fighting to get me the benefits I deserve.” Robert Golan, PC represents injured workers and gets them the medical treatment and monetary benefits that they’re entitled to when their insurance company refuses to pay. For more information on verdicts and settlements won by Robert Golan, PC, check out workers compensation settlements on our website.

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