Robert Golan Wins Multiple, Recent, Workers Compensation Appeals

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Robert Golan

Robert Golan, PC of Golan & Masiakos, LLP has won multiple, recent, rulings favorable to his clients. Mr. Golan, persuaded the appeal panel to overturn a lower court judge’s decision that the client was 92% disabled, and agree that the client is 100% permanently and totally disabled–for life. This was crucial to the client because only injured workers with a 100% permanent disability are guaranteed lifetime benefits. If the 92% ruling stood, this would have ended her benefits after 9 years.

An insurance company appealed a lower court judge’s opinion that his client lost 30% of the use of his arm, permanently, and argued that it was only 10%. Mr. Golan prevented this appeal by providing doctors to confirm that the client did indeed lose 30% use of the arm permanently, and the appeal panel agreed, affirming the lower court judge’s opinion.

Mr. Golan also got another client’s monetary benefits reinstated when a trial judge cut them off because the client missed a hearing. She missed this hearing because her due 10 year-old son got sick at school and required an emergency doctor visit. Because of the missed hearing, the workers compensation judge stopped her payments, which was her only source of income. Mr. Golan convinced the supervising judge to grant her a new hearing–with a different judge–and her benefits were reinstated.

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