Safety Tips for Retail Workers

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Though retail jobs have a reputation for being fairly safe, retail workers face more fatal and nonfatal injuries than the average worker. Here are three safety tips to help workers avoid some of the most common retail hazards.

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Use Equipment Correctly

Retail workers often use equipment and machinery such as forklifts, trash compactors, slicers, and box cutters that can cause injury. When using a cutting tool such as a knife or box cutter, wear appropriate safety gloves and cut away from yourself and others. Follow safety instructions when using a trash compactor or other machinery. Even when you’re not working with dangerous equipment, always be aware of what other workers are doing around you to prevent an accident.

Educate Yourself on Hazardous Chemicals

Hazardous chemicals are another common cause of retail workplace injuries. Retail workers may deal with dangerous chemicals such as hexane, methylene chloride, and trichloroethylene. Employers are required to keep a list of chemical hazards in the workplace. Check the list regularly for any updates and learn how to handle these substances. When moving or stocking products, pay attention to any labels and treat hazardous substances with care.

Lift Properly

One of the most common injuries for retail workers is musculoskeletal disorders, which can be caused by lifting, pushing, and pulling heavy objects. Follow proper procedure for lifting and loading to prevent injury. First, plan your lift. Are there any obstacles you should remove before lifting the item? Is the item too heavy for you to lift on your own? Once you’ve planned your lift and dealt with potential obstacles, position yourself with your feet on either side of the object, one foot slightly in front of the other. Bend your knees until you can reach the object without tilting your waist. Lift the item by straightening your knees and bringing it close to your body. Do not twist or turn your body while carrying the object.

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