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Returning To Light Duty After A Workers’ Compensation Injury

In the majority of states, if a worker files for Worker's Compensation benefits but is able to perform light duties, it is imperative that the employer permit the individual to return to the position he or she held previously, or an equivalent position.

What Does it Mean Compensation Wise to Return to Light Duty?

On the contrary, in some states, returning to work with a light duty status can signify that the employee will need to be paid Workers' Compensation to account for the difference in salary; meaning that the person needs to be earning the same amount as before. Unfortunately, there are some employers who will say they do not have any positions available that could be classified as "light" in an attempt not to pay Workers' Compensation.

Laws Change – How Does It Impact Permanent Disability Benefits?

Keep in mind that there are several states where the law has recently changed in...
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How an Attorneys Helps with Your Back and Neck Injury Compensation from Work Related Accidents

On Long Island, the law Office of Robert Golan, PC provides individualized service and legal representation. Representation includes injured workers in Nassau and other surrounding areas. Providing representation as a Nassau work injury compensation lawyer has been for over a decade, a primary focus. This has resulted in a vast knowledge of compensation help for clients experiencing back and neck injuries. (more…)...
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