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Is the Workmans’ Compensation System Going Downhill Towards Disaster?

Over the last 10 years, many states have been dismantling the Workers' Comp system of America with myriad disastrous consequences for several hundreds of thousands of citizens who have suffered serious injuries and implications during work every year. This occurrence has been found and reported after the completion of an NPR and ProPublica investigation. The cutbacks have been extremely drastic in certain places, even to a point that it's virtually guaranteed that workers who sustain an injury would fall into poverty.

A Constant Battle or Is There Hope for Workers’ Compensation?

Workers battle insurance companies on a regular basis for years so that they are able to attain the prescriptions, surgeries and the assistance doctors recommend for them. Often passed underneath the strict banner of "reform," the modifications have been pushed by insurance companies and big businesses on the false pretenses that costs are severely out of control. In reality, employers are paying...
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What Factors Go Into Evaluation of Eligibility for Workers’ Compensation by the Workers’ Comp Board?

Workers' Compensation benefits might be available to you if you were injured in an accident while on the clock at work. Factors playing into your eligibility include the nature of the accident and extent of your injury, your employee status, and your state's specific laws. Cases are not black and white, as accidents and injuries can vary from case to case. The Workers Comp Board in your state determines any money you receive. As an experienced Suffolk County work injury lawyer, Robert Golan, PC is available to walk you through the process.

These are the factors considered by the Workers' Comp Board:

1.) How severe is your injury? The Board takes into account minor injuries, such as small cuts, versus debilitating injuries that prevent you from walking or working play a large role in determining your case. Keep careful medical records for your claim. 2.) How much time did you miss from work?...
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