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Job-Related Health Conditions and Workers’ Compensation

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It is common knowledge that Workers’ Compensation gives benefits to people that got hurt while working for anatomical injuries. These injuries can include breaking bones, being paralyzed, or even dying on the job because of a fall or other types of physical injury. Workers’ Compensation also covers benefits that help people who have “occupational diseases.” The workers contract these diseases from being exposed to chemicals, infirmities, or other substances during their time of employment on the job. Since Workers’ Compensation laws vary by the state, an injured employee should contact a lawyer that specializes in Workmen’s Compensation as soon as they can.

Each State’s Definition of Occupational Disease Differs

Due to the fact that every state defines occupational disease differently, an employee that gets hurt on the job should contact a Workers’ Compensation attorney as soon as possible. There are lawyers that...
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What to Do if Your Employer Threatens You After Filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim

Suffering an on-the-job injury can be both physically and emotionally painful. Sometimes employers may subtly threaten to make your life difficult if you suggest getting lawyer involved. Workers’ Compensation is a provision design to help those who have been hurt to receive prompt medical care and lost wages.

What Insurance Companies May Do

Workers’ Compensation is not perfect, which usually means injured workers will most likely encounter some bumps along the road to both physical and financial recovery. Insurance companies may reluctantly recommend you see a specialist who may then downplay your injury. The doctor may refuse to run various tests that would help treat your condition. Doctors may even insist that you return to work even though you are far from recovering and still in pain. Sometimes things escalate to a point where you have no choice but to get lawyers involved.

What Happens When An Attorney Steps In?

While not all Workers’ Compensation...
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Injured Workers Suffer these Most Common Injuries in the Construction Industry

Any worker who is injured on the job may, in most cases, be eligible or protected by Workers’ Compensation law. Once workers begin any job, they should read about whether the state law is in effect or not prior to signing up as an employee, especially if the position is a high-risk job. The main purpose of Workers’ Compensation is providing an employee who has been injured on the job medical care, as well as lost wages, and even job related disability for ongoing illness. Workers’ Compensation happens mostly in the construction industry due to the high risk of injuries. Some of the more common injury types include:
  • Falling off a ladder
  • Falling from a high-work area
  • Back, knee, joint injuries from lifting heavy objects
From the employer perspective, accidents can be a good or not-so-good conundrum. Even though the employing company has to pay the Workers’ Compensation insurance company premiums, at best, it's...
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