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Get Your Queens Workers’ Compensation Case Started – Here’s How

While the Workers' Compensation system seems like it might be easy, there are complications. An employer might refuse to recognize the injury as work-related, for example. Or they may say that the medical treatment received or the disability pay sought is unwarranted.

How a Queens Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Gets Your Case Started

In these cases you may need to consider Workers' Compensation lawyer for your Queens case. This attorney may file a motion for benefits with the New York State Workers' Compensation Division on the employee's behalf. Then the case will be assigned to a judge in a special Administrative law proceeding.

Expecting Retaliation from Employers

Another worry for employees with Workers' Compensation claims is that the employer may attempt to retaliate against the employee. Anything from false write-ups to cut hours or forced shift changes and transfers may hinder the ability of the employee to do their job safely and to their usual...
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Understand the Claims Process in Workers’ Compensation Cases

To ensure that claims are obtained in Queens Workers' Compensation, after receiving medical treatment, it is an imperative to speak with a manager or administrator to discuss the incident and how the injury happened. You have to act promptly. An employer should receive the documented information within one month of the incident for which a claim is being filed. Submitting in writing is the best way to handle this. Once all the forms are complete in the workplace, it is time to file with the Board on Form Employee Claim (C-3). Send all appropriate forms and documents to the Board District Office that will handle the current claim. After two years, you will not receive Queens work injury compensation if the claimant (employee) has been aware the injury is related to work. Review the claims process below, according to the New York State Workers’ Compensation Board. Within 48 Hours A healthcare professional...
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ICD-10 Being Adopted by New York State

According to a recent news article, New York State is in the midst of adopting ICD-10, which is a new medical coding system that is leading to some difficulties for health care providers as well as workers. The new ICD-10 coding system, which is particularly important for the usage with Workers’ Compensation claims, is thought to greatly improve the process of medical billing and classification but it may prove to be a difficult implementation. New York State is one of only 21 states currently adopting the rules, which will go live on October 1st. While New York is adopting the rules, 26 states currently have no plans to adopt it for Workers' Compensation claims but may adopt it for other processes including inpatient hospital billing (three states). This will result in many national health care providers and national insurance companies having to adopt multiple systems that can be difficult...
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