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Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Discusses Physical Disfigurement Issues Resulting from Accidents in Queens

A multitude of issues can result from a workplace accident. Not only does the apparent physical disfigurement cause trauma for the individual, but emotional trauma stems from these physical disfigurements as well. Facial disfigurements are some of the most traumatic accidents, when it comes to the location of an individual's unfortunate injury. Facial disfigurements can lead to psychological damage on top of the possibility of hearing and sight loss. (more…)...
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The Top 5 Types of Workers’ Compensation in Nassau

Workers' Compensation can be confusing. However, Robert Golan, PC, a Nassau work accident compensation lawyer helps you understand the types of Workers’ Compensation and process. Compensation is divided into two-week long pay periods. The benefit rate is determined by date of injury. There is a current weekly maximum amount, which is designed to ensure a worker does not receive compensation exceeding weekly state maximum. (more…)...
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