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The Top 6 Reasons for Denied Workers’ Compensation Claims

Often, workers are denied compensation for a number of reasons. An insurance company or Long Island Workers’ Compensation Board commonly performs denial. Our law firm works with you through the entire process with personal attention by Robert Golan, PC, in defending your Workers’ Compensation case. As an experienced law firm in all matters concerning Workers’ Compensation, we know all the common excuses that are often given for any denial as well as how to counter them. Some of the most used reasons for denial are given as follows:
  1. Claim that the injury was as a result of a preexisting condition. This reason is widely used by insurance companies to avoid paying for injuries. Note that, if for example, a previous injury is worsened by the current work done by the individual, then compensation should be approved.
  2. Some employers list their workers as independent contractors to avoid any...
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Dealing with Conflicts of Interest Among Workers’ Compensation Doctors

It’s already tough enough to go through the Workers’ Compensation medical process. However, since you have to be diagnosed or evaluated by doctors hired by your employer’s insurance company, it becomes even more difficult. While your own physician can still treat you, the claim you make will largely depend on the opinion of the physicians chosen from the approved list of doctors from the insurance company. (more…)...
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