The Complex Laws Around Workers’ Compensation

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Robert Golan

Accidents in the workplace are simply any injury a person sustains either at the workplace or performing specific duties on the job. This means you may be off the premises, but be performing work related duties for it to still be considered a work related accident.

How Often Do Workplace Accidents Happen?

The majority of a person’s life will be spent working at their job and it is not uncommon for many people to experience some form of injury during that time. Although the majority of injuries sustained at the job, in fact, covers Queens Workers’ Compensation, negligence from other causes requires the worker filing a personal injury claim. Many times the payout from these claims is very small, not covering all the expenses incurred by that injury.

Covered or Not Covered Under Queens Workers’ Compensation Laws in NY?

In the majority of states including New York, injured employees shall be covered and receive benefits under the Queens Workers’ Compensation laws. Regardless if the employee, coworker, employer, or third party was at fault, the injured employee is entitled to benefits. The employee must have sustained the injury at work to be eligible. Benefits can include substitution of income, medical expense reimbursement, and compensation for permanent injuries.

The Complex Laws Around Workers’ Compensation

These work related accidents can be very complex. If you have suffered an injury while at the workplace, contact an accident attorney immediately. You can even call for a free consultation to determine if your case is valid for compensation. Your attorney will be in the best position to provide you professional legal advice and best represent you in the courtroom pertaining to injuries sustained while at work.

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