The Most Dangerous Items Leading to White-Collar Workplace Injuries

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When you think of white-collar jobs, you think about the hum of overhead florescent lighting, cubicle farms with nice ergonomic desk chairs, and the steady click-clack of keyboards. You don’t think about dangers that might lead to serious injuries. The office is quiet. The office is safe. This is not like working a blue-collar job on a construction site or in a steel mill. But you’d be wrong. White collar jobs also have its share of risks that could lead to serious injuries that might involve a need for a workers’ compensation lawyer. Here are some of the most dangerous tools and equipment in the white-collar workplace that might result in serious injury:


Flooring issues such as loose carpets, wet floors, or too much clutter on the floor can cause any white-collar worker to trip and fall, which may result in a serious injury. A workspace floor that is in disrepair or disorganized can be dangerous if not addressed properly.

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Too much time sitting at a keyboard typing away day-after-day without taking adequate breaks may cause a repetitive stress injury such as carpel tunnel syndrome. Repetitive stress injuries can occur to any worker who performs the same task motion many times during the day, and they can be quite painful, requiring weeks, even months of recovery time and may even require surgery to alleviate.

Office Chairs

Sitting in an office chair that cannot be adjusted or has limited ergonomics can cause a number of serious issues, including chronic back or neck pain. It might just be occasional discomfort such as stiffness or cramps, but may become very problematic if not addressed properly with an ergonomic office chair adjusted to meet your specific needs.

Boxes of Printer Paper

Many white-collar workplace injuries are the result of overexertion. Sometimes putting away a case of printer paper can result in a hurt back or neck if you managed to bend or twist in the wrong way. It is unusual tasks such as these that can cause the most unexpected injuries.

These causes of injury might seem a bit silly, but it doesn’t make the risk they pose or the injuries they cause any less serious. The office can be a dangerous place if you are not careful.

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