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When it comes to classifying the types of damages, a Suffolk County Workers’ Compensation lawyer will look at the extent of the damage caused by the accident. They also look at the possibility of a full recovery from an accident.

Two Classifications of Disability

The classifications range between permanent and temporary disability. Temporary disability is damage sustained from an accident that renders the employee unable to fulfill their responsibilities at work for a certain period. While the employee is recovering from such an injury, wages are lost because of the need to recover instead of work.

Temporary Disability Benefits

Temporary disability benefits come into play here. Employers should compensate their employees for lost wages due to temporary disability. While the employee is unable to work because they are busy recovering and receiving treatment, they lose out on earnings. The employer remedies these lost wages.

Temporary Disability benefits divide into two classifications. These classifications vary depending on the capacity of the employee to work while recovering.

Temporary Total Disability Benefits

For cases where an employee cannot go to work and report, the employee receives temporary total disability benefits. There are some cases wherein the disability is not severe enough to stop an employee from coming to work and render their services.

Temporary Partial Disability Benefits

In such a case, the employee is then entitled to temporary partial disability benefits. Total disability benefits pay more than partial. These payments are calculated based on how much the employee earns. It pays up to 66% of the gross earnings from all kinds of work that the employee has.

Injured employees are eligible for temporary disability benefits if administration approved the claim. On top of this need, the evaluating physician should also confirm to the employer that the employee is unable to work. There is the possibility of reduced hours while recovering from the injury.

Once the doctor issues a document confirming the disability of the patient, the employer can calculate the amount of compensation.

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Consulting with a Suffolk County Workers’ Compensation lawyer will provide a more comprehensive evaluation of how much an employee can expect for payment from temporary disability benefits. Both employers and employees can keep themselves up to date with these provisions as they may change every year.

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