The Top 10 Accidents in the Workplace a Nassau Work Accident Compensation Lawyer Assists Employees to File a Claim

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Robert Golan

Nassau workers compensation attorney professionals are kept busy when there are accidents on the job. A Nassau work injury compensation lawyer will want to know all the details about how an employee was injured. This list shows the ten most common ways an employee is injured on the job.

1. Violence On The Job – There are arguments that can lead to physical attacks. Training should be given to all employees on avoiding violence on the job.

2. Injuries From Repetitive Movements – Using a computer or typing on a regular basis can cause carpal tunnel syndrome, back pain and vision problems. Employees should be trained to use ergonomic equipment to help avoid these types of injuries.

3. Entanglement In A Machine – Using heavy machinery and equipment can cause these accidents. It is always recommended that employees wear the proper protective gear.

4. Accidents In Vehicles – This type of injury occurs when employees need to drive a vehicle for their job. They should always practice safe driving while they are completing their job duties.

5. Injuries From Walking Into Something – This can happen when a person walks into glass windows, chairs, tables, doors and walls. Injuries can be on the neck, head, foot and knees.

6. Injuries From Falling Objects – Objects that fall from a shelf or some other height can cause these injuries. Using protective gear will eliminate a lot of these injuries. A safe work environment will reduce these types of injuries.

7. Injuries Without Reaction – Tripping and slipping without falling can result in many injuries. Employees paying attention in their workplace can avoid these injuries.

8. Falls From High Places – When people are on ladders, roofs and stairways, they can have a fall that will cause an injury. They should always wear protective gear and understand the safety processes that the company wants them to adhere to.

9. Tripping And Slipping – Employees can fall for a number of reasons. The workplace must be kept free of spills and items that people can trip and slip on.

10. Injuries Due To Overexertion – These injuries take place at work from lifting, carrying and other activities. This is the most common category of injuries in the workplace.

It is important that companies train their employees on safety issues. This will help to reduce accidents and injuries in the workplace. If an employee needs a Nassau work accident compensation lawyer to assist them with a case, they can schedule a free consultation.

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