The Top 5 Types of Workers’ Compensation in Nassau

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Workers’ Compensation can be confusing. However, Robert Golan, PC, a Nassau work accident compensation lawyer helps you understand the types of Workers’ Compensation and process.

Compensation is divided into two-week long pay periods. The benefit rate is determined by date of injury. There is a current weekly maximum amount, which is designed to ensure a worker does not receive compensation exceeding weekly state maximum.

Types of Workers’ Compensation

1. Total Temporary

For those whose injury leaves them temporarily unable to resume employment, this is called total temporary. This rate is two-thirds of the average weekly wage for the worker, and benefits continue for the duration of the disability.

2. Partial Temporary

When a worker returns to his or employment at a lower wage, this is called partial temporary. This helps compensate for the difference and is 2/3 the difference between pre- and post-injury employment.

3. Total Permanent disability

For those faced with possibly never being able to return to work, this is called total permanent disability. This is 2/3 of average weekly pay and continues for the duration of the disability.

4. Partial Permanent (specific disability)

New York pays Workers’ Compensation for specific disabilities. Those suffering serious facial, neck, and chest or head disfigurements may receive up to $20,000.

Those suffering the loss of a limb may also receive compensation. As with all aspects of workers’ compensation, a Nassau Workers’ Compensation attorney can assist with securing benefits to which the injured worker is entitled.

5. Settlement payments

Sometimes, lump sum awards are made. This is a final disposition of the claim.

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