The Workers’ Compensation Challenge: Waiting for Claim Acceptance

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As much as one would like for their claims to go through quickly, due investigation and fact-finding need to take place. On top of this, medical exams and screenings might need to be performed to confirm claims.

A consultation with a Queens Workers’ Compensation lawyer can help you see if a claim has enough ground and evidence for acceptance.

What if you need medical attention right away?

But in some cases, where you need medical aid right away, the question is: Do you still have to wait for an approval before seeking medical attention?

What if the situation needed immediate treatment, which could avoid permanent and serious disability? Will an investigation take second priority over treatment? What about the provisions that protect the employer from unnecessary financial obligation? Will that have to be waived at the cost of life and death?

With these considerations in mind, it is a relief to know that the law makes certain provisions for such cases that will protect both the employee and the employer.

Here is some insight from our Queens Workers’ Compensation lawyer:

The obligated personnel investigate a claim to authorize medical treatment within a 24-hour period after you file a claim, even if the case requires due investigation. This provision works within emergency situations that need immediate action. That way care is given quickly to avoid permanent disability or even death, in some cases.

Note that since this provision allows treatment from the filing time to the approval of the claim, due investigation still has to take place for the full medical benefits.

On top of this stipulation, there is also a limit on financial help in emergency situations. The claims administrator handling the claim will only allow up to $10,000.00. Any amount going beyond this specific limit will not be allowed unless the claim has approval.

There might be cases where the case administrator will not approve immediate medical treatment. In such cases, employees are advised to speak to their supervisor or the claims administration office to see what other options are available.

Understanding certain provisions of Workers’ Compensation is a helpful method to prepare for accidents in the workplace. A Queens Workers’ Compensation lawyer will be able to provide the necessary steps to help employees get the most out of a claim.

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