Top 4 Causes of Workplace Injuries in the Healthcare Industry

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When you think about dangerous jobs, you think about construction workers, heavy-industrial factory workers, or service personnel serving in the military–not healthcare workers–but, according to a Public Citizen Report, healthcare is the most dangerous industry for injury and illness.

Workplace Violence

According to the National Crime Victimization Survey, healthcare workers have a 20% higher chance of encountering violence than any other profession. The presence of drugs, locations in high-crime rate areas, and working with people who have a history of violence are just a few of the reasons working in healthcare can be so dangerous. These incidents can result in broken bones, head injuries and severe injuries such as stab and gunshot wounds.

Patient Care and Transport

A large part of health care workers such as nurses’ aides, orderlies and attendants involves moving and transporting patients. This involves a lot of lifting, repositioning and transporting of patients. These movements commonly result in overexertion injuries such as strains, sprains and slipped discs.

Infectious Disease Exposure

Needles and other sharp medical instruments are everywhere in the health care world. Accidental cuts and needle sticks are extremely common and can result in infections resulting in HIV or Hepatitis B or C, as well as infections due to exposure to mucus or other bodily wastes.

Healthcare workers are routinely exposed to dangerous infectious diseases such as MRSA, tuberculosis, and the flu.


Turnover in the healthcare industry is very high. Keeping facilities well-staffed is a constant challenge for management. Understaffing can exacerbate the other causes of injury because of lack of supervision, the need to work faster, or to handle work alone that could be safer if performed with others.

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