Top 7 Things to Do When a Workplace Accident Happens

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Robert Golan

If you are involved in an accident at your workplace, don’t panic. Instead, follow the steps below to ensure that you receive medical attention and cover yourself legally in compliance with Queens Workers’ Compensation laws.

1. Get Medical Help

Obviously getting medical attention is the top priority. Call an ambulance if needed and preform any first aid you can. If you need help from your coworkers, just ask.

2. Get a Lawyer

Workplace accidents are no joke and a serious legal matter. Call us and get a work injury lawyer ASAP and so that we can negotiate the highest possible compensation for you.

3. Wait to Discuss Your Case

Discuses your case with no one other than your lawyer. Lose lips sink ships after all.

4. Careful What You Sign

Don’t sign anything without first contacting your lawyer. This goes for medical papers too.

5. Track Your Expenses

Make sure you’re keeping track of all of your medical expenses. If it isn’t tracked, then you can’t prove that it happened. If you can’t prove that it happened, you can’t be compensated for it.

6. Stay in Contact with Your Lawyer

Remember, your lawyer is running the show when it comes to getting you the compensation you deserve. Don’t lave us out of the loop, report everything so we can help.

7. Respond to Inquiries Promptly

When it comes to any form of litigation there is a lot of paperwork. If this paperwork isn’t filed on time there are penalties to pay. Make sure that you go over the paperwork with your lawyer and file it all on time.

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