Types of New York Worker’s Compensation Benefits

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Once you know that you’re eligible for worker’s compensation benefits, you may wonder which benefits can you receive. Here are four major types of worker’s compensation benefits available to injured workers.

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Medical Care

Employers of injured workers are required to pay for their employees’ medical bills. Employees with minor injuries will likely receive this type of compensation alone.

Cash Settlements

Workers with more serious injuries may receive disability benefits. Disability benefits are determined by two scales: partial vs. total disability and temporary vs. permanent disability.

Partial and total disability measure the severity of impairment. A partially disabled worker may be able to return to work in a limited capacity and can receive benefit if they must take on a lower-paying job. A totally disabled worker, meanwhile, cannot work at all for a time and receive benefits to supplement their lost income.

Temporary and permanent disability measure the length of the impairment. A worker with a temporary disability, total or partial, will stop receiving benefits when she returns to work. A permanently disabled worker will likely receive benefits for the rest of his life.

Supplemental Benefits

Injured workers in the state of New York may receive supplemental benefits to account for rising care and medical costs. Supplemental benefits are available to workers who were permanently and totally disabled on the job in 1978 or earlier. The spouses of workers killed in 1978 or earlier may also receive supplemental death benefits.

Social Security Benefits

Injured workers who are permanently disabled or temporarily disabled for 12 months or longer may be eligible for Social Security benefits. However, the combined Social Security and worker’s comp benefits an injured worker receive cannot exceed 80 percent of the worker’s income when she was employed.

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