Types of Settlements for Workers’ Compensation Claims in Nassau

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Workers’ Compensation benefits are designed to cover an employee’s wages and medical costs, which include rehabilitation, in case they get injured on the job and are unable to work. Although these benefits are legally guaranteed to every employee who has workers’ compensation insurance, they are often not easily obtained. That is when you may require the services of an experienced attorney.

As a Nassau Workers’ Compensation attorney, Robert Golan, PC has helped injured workers with their cases since 1997. Mr. Golan offers a complimentary consultation. Keep reading. You’ll receive the information to contact him later in this post.

The Two Types of Settlements in Nassau Workers’ Compensation Cases

You may come to a point in your case where a settlement is on the table. There are two types of settlement arrangements, a lump-sum settlement and structured settlement. A lump-sum settlement will pay you the agreed upon amount in one check. A structured settlement will pay you at a scheduled interval over a specific period.

The services of a Nassau work accident compensation lawyer should be sought to advise you of your legal rights before accepting any settlement offer. Because even though a settlement may offer guaranteed benefits, those benefits may not include future medical costs. Costs may include any necessary surgeries and rehabilitation services that would ensure improved functioning, and possible full healing of the injured area.

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