What Do SSI Disability Lawyers Do?

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Social Security Disability benefits are handled by the Federal government’s Social Security Administration. As a result, social security disability claims are subject to a lot of laws and regulations that the average person who wants to make a social security disability claim will not be aware of. Because of this, it is a good idea to hire a social security disability lawyer to help navigate this complex process and improve your odds winning your case.

SSI Disability Lawyers Queens, NY

A good social security disability lawyer understands the numerous laws and regulations associated with the SSDI/SSI application process, and understand how the bureaucracy at the Social Security Administration works. These legal specialists take on responsibilities such as:

Help You Apply for Social Security Disability Benefits

This application process is long and complex and has many opportunities for you to make mistakes that will get your social security disability claim rejected. Good SSI disability lawyers know the common problems and errors claimants make during the application process and can help you avoid them.

Collect and Organize Medical Records and Statements

A good SSI disability attorney collects and organizes all medical records and statements from doctors, therapists and other experts. These are crucial to the SSI application and, if done right, can improve the odds of getting your application approved.

Represent You in SSDI/SSI Claim Hearings and Appeals

Because most Social Security Disability claims are denied initially, even if you have the representation of a social security disability lawyer, a solid SSI disability lawyer can figure out what needs to be done to strengthen your claim and emphasize it during appeal hearings and improving your chances of winning your claim.

Fight to Make Sure You Receive the Compensation You Deserve

If you suffer a debilitating injury severe enough to pursue a social security disability claim, chances are this will be one of the only sources of income you will have, so it is important to get enough compensation to cover your basic expenses and make the best out of a difficult situation.

Dealing with your disability is hard enough without having to fight through a complex process to get the compensation that comes with receiving social security disability benefits, so why not hire an SSI disability lawyer to take care of this for you and let you focus on your own health and well-being?

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