What Do You Need from a Doctor for Workers’ Comp Cases?

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Depending on your state’s laws there may be two different doctors involved in your workers’ compensation case. One is there to perform an IME or an independent medical exam. This doctor typically will not be involved in your care and is only there to give findings about your injury.

The other, more important, doctor will be the one caring for you and coordinating your care.

Can I Go to My Primary Care Doctor?

State laws vary. Some states allow you to see your family doctor while others allow the insurance company or your employer to decide what doctor will treat you. There is often a concern that doctors chosen by anyone but the patient will exhibit bias. They may understate injuries in their documentation, avoid sending the patient to costly specialists, and force the patient to return to work too soon. If you feel like the physician caring for you doesn’t have your best interests at heart you have some recourse in asking for another physician.

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What Should I Look for in a Physician?

The physician that cares for you after a work injury is important. He or she will be documenting the extent of your injury, deciding when you can return to work, and what restrictions you should remain under, refer you to specialists, and predict future treatment needs.

You should look for a doctor who has a background in workers’ compensation cases and has expertise involving your particular injury. Ideally, they should be a highly-skilled professional with years of experience. They should be willing to advocate for you and communicate with your worker’s comp attorney.

They should live near enough to you that office visits aren’t an undue burden and they should have reasonable availability. You don’t want a doctor who is booked out half a year every time you try to schedule an appointment. Finally, you should make sure the physician you choose is someone who fits your personality. If you don’t feel comfortable talking to him/her, it can interfere with your care and treatment.

When you are injured at work it is important to have a competent doctor advocating for you. It is also important to have a work accident compensation lawyer.

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