What is Considered to be a Work-Related Injury?

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An important part of New York workers compensation benefits is to understand what specifically is considered to be a work-related injury. This seems like a straightforward, simple answer–a work-related injury occurs when you are working on the job, but there are some other factors and exceptions to consider.

Most work-related injuries are ones that cause immediate harm to the worker such as cuts, burns, broken bones, sprains, strains and concussions just to name a few, but there are some less apparent work-related injuries that are eligible for workers compensation coverage.

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People with Occupational Diseases are Also Eligible for Workers Comp

New York workers’ compensation law also covers conditions known as occupational diseases. These are illnesses or diseases that occur as a direct result of being on the job. Some examples of this includes illnesses caused by exposure to harsh chemicals or elements that are not safe for humans to have prolonged exposure to such as asbestos or lead. Outdoor laborers such as construction workers and roofers have higher rates of skin cancer that may also qualify as an occupational disease covered by workers comp. Hearing loss is another common disability that can be directly linked to an occupation.

What Is Not Considered a Work-Related Injury

Basically, any injury or disease that occurs outside of your work environment, or scope of your job responsibilities, is not considered to be a work-related injury. One good example of this is an injury that occurs because of an accident during your commute to or from work–these are not considered to be a work-related injury.

Injuries that occur on the job as a direct result of the influence of alcohol or drugs, or an intent to cause harm to himself or others, are not considered to be work-related injuries and thus not eligible for workers compensation.

Are You Unsure if Your Injury or Disease is Work-Related?

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