What to Do When Employers Dispute Workers’ Compensation Claims

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Robert Golan

When you have an injury happen at work, you will likely need time off from work and compensation to pay for your recovery time. However, while you may think it would be an easy process, oftentimes it is not. Employers may become concerned about the payments the company needs to make on behalf of your injury. In addition, the stress of having to deal with bosses in this manner while waiting for your compensation filing to go through can be a hassle.

Companies May Dispute Workers’ Compensation Claims

Companies have the right to dispute claims if they try to deny the extent of your injury. The company may try to de-legitimatize your claim. They may have to pay higher premiums as a result of too many claims against them.

Some companies may feel as if the injury is not as serious as you believe, may try to say it was pre-existing or due to a pre-existing injury or illness, or that you don’t require a certain amount of time away from work.

Get Help in the Midst of Challenges

These challenges from a company pose a lot to you, the injured worker. It is a lot to deal with. You can choose to consult with a Long Island work injury lawyer in order to get the help you need for your case.

A lawyer will work for you in gathering the necessary evidence to help your case. They may have physician reports produced that prove the extent of your injury. They also may meet with your co-workers to determine whether they can give witness testimony in your case.

A lawyer helps to craft your case to make sure all of the facts are ready to present for compensation.

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