What to do when your Queens Workers Compensation Medical Care Claim is Denied

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Robert Golan

Claims for injuries in the workplace may be denied by the insurance company, but workplace compensation will not pay those bills unless a claim is accepted or if it is ordered by the courts. The insurance company might also be court ordered to cover the expenses. For this reason, it is difficult and takes a long time to have these medical bills paid if the insurance company is refusing to pay.

Depending on what type of insurance a person is covered under, such as a government insurance agency or a spouse’s insurance policy, people will still be able to get the treatment that they need. They will need to be informed that worker’s compensation is not agreeing to pay for the procedure that is needed, and then it will be covered. These insurance companies will need more information about the worker’s compensation case, and they may then take the step to place a lien on that case. However, this lien does not impact the compensation.

Another option is to ask a doctor if they could be paid later. They may also choose to file a lien on that case, and the patient may then need to sign a form which will allow them to file it. In the case that the work accident compensation Queens case is granted, there is still the chance that a certain surgical procedure or medication will not be covered. Then they will have to look into having an insurance company pay for the treatment that is needed. This can be done faster by waiting for a judge to make decision about the worker’s compensation case.

In the case that an insurance company is not going to pay for treatment that worker’s compensation won’t cover should call today to talk to an attorney. This Queens Workers compensation lawyer has special knowledge about bad faith insurance practice, and they can help people to get the help that they need.

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