What to Do When Your Workers’ Compensation Is Denied

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Robert Golan

Workers’ Compensation is financial protection afforded to employees who have been injured on the job. However, for an employee to receive the benefits, a claim must be filed and approved by the employer’s insurance underwriter.

While this is a strictly regulated process, there are still instances when coverage is denied. If this happens, you could be responsible for medical bills amounting to thousands of dollars because of a mistake. Mr. Robert Golan, PC, an experienced Suffolk County Workers’ Compensation attorney can help you.

Beware Employers Offering to Pay Out of Pocket Expenses Only

Occasionally, employers will offer to pay your out-of-pocket expenses for these claims. This is not legal and can cause problems for the employee in the long run. Without the insurance paperwork, there is no real way for you to prove that the injury you sustained occurred while you were on the job. You should not agree to a scenario like this. If you work with Mr. Golan, a Workers’ Compensation attorney, you can avoid situations like this.
If you are inexperienced in filing insurance claims, it is entirely possible for you to make a simple error during the filing process. When this happens, it is easy for the insurance company to simply deny coverage. If you have the help of an attorney from the start, you can avoid dealing with complicated forms on your own.

What You Can Do If Insurance Denies Your Claim

If you have already tried filing a claim on your own and it has been denied, an attorney can help you petition for an appeal. An attorney can help you gather any missing information or correct any problems to the claim before you file again. If you are denied again, it might even be necessary to go to court to get the compensation that you need.

The process of filing a Workers’ Compensation claim can be daunting, but help is available. Don’t wait until you run into problems. Hire Mr. Golan, an experienced Suffolk County Workers’ Compensation attorney, who helps you in the claim and appeals process.

Contact Our Suffolk County Workers’ Compensation Attorney for a Consultation

Robert Golan, PC, has extensive experience helping clients in the appeals process. In a recent case with Paul B., he was successful in fighting off an appeal by the insurance company. The Judge’s Decision found that his client was in fact “attached to the labor market,” meaning that he was making a sufficient effort to seek employment within his medical restrictions.  Because appeals can take up to a year in NY State, Paul B. received a year’s worth of retroactive monetary benefits, plus continuing weekly benefits. Robert Golan, PC offers a complimentary evaluation to discuss your case. Contact him at 516-586-3910 to schedule a consultation.

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