Who is Legally Responsible for Workplace Premise Accidents?

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Robert Golan

Property owners, whether they own a home or business, are legally responsible for keeping those they bring onto their property safe from needless, preventable injury. When they neglect this responsibility and fail to properly safeguard visitors or patrons, accidents can occur and the property owner may be liable. If such a thing has happened to you, you must know your rights under the law and whether or not you will be able to lawfully receive due compensation from the property owner for any injuries you have sustained due to negligence.

Legal Counsel for Workplace Injuries

A knowledgeable and capable Long Island injury attorney will be able to provide the legal counsel you need and the representation you deserve. If you have been seriously injured due to a property owner’s negligence, an experienced attorney is critical to ensuring you win your case. Regardless of what sort of case your personal injury attorney is handling, an experienced attorney will have a high level of insight that inexperienced attorneys simply would not have.

Premise Accident Claims

Premise accident claims can originate from accidents that result in injuries and can occur just about anywhere, including shopping malls, places of business, restaurants, construction sites, shopping centers and homes. An experienced Long Island injury attorney will be able to help you no matter where and how the accident occurred:

  • Elevator accidents
  • Slips and falls on a property’s sidewalk resulting in injury
  • Lack of adequate security at businesses
  • Negligent conditions at a business, such as slippery floors
  • Structurally unsafe places of business

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