Why it is Important to Seek a Work Accident Compensation Lawyer for Knee and Shoulder Injuries

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Knee injuries can put an individual out for months. Their knee may never be the same. Common knee injuries, like a torn ACL, tearing in other ligaments, or a torn meniscus can cause lifelong pain and discomfort.

What is usually required to treat severe knee injuries?

Surgery, complete knee replacement and intense physical therapy will likely be necessary to treat severe knee injuries. All of these procedures require extensive time off from work and can cost an employee thousands of dollars in wages.

Furthermore, the cost of the procedures themselves can end up putting a worker back tens of thousands of dollars. If you have recently experienced a knee injury at your place of employment, you have the right to seek compensation from the insurance company. In such cases, you need a dedicated Queens Workers’ Compensation attorney to help you get a fair knee injury settlement for lost wages and injuries.

What is usually required for shoulder injury treatment?

Shoulder injuries are another common type of severe joint injury. Shoulder fractures, tears, rotator cuff tears, and shoulder impingement are all varieties of shoulder injuries. Treatment for these injuries is similar to those for knee injuries. Surgery and physical therapy are nearly always required for healing, and there is often a lengthy period devoted to pain management treatment.

As with knee injuries, shoulder injuries can result in months of time away from work and lost wages. To exacerbate the situation, shoulder injuries may never completely heal after surgery. To seek the compensation you deserve for a shoulder injury, contact a Queens work accident compensation lawyer today.

Injury of the knee or shoulder at work is not uncommon. Of course, there are specific jobs and work environments which make these types of injuries more common. Construction workers, painters, builders, delivery and warehouse workers and other employees at physical jobs are most often at risk.

What causes these injuries?

These workers are lifting, bending, reaching and often kneeling, and the regular stress on their knees and shoulders can cause repetitive stress injuries. After many years of stress on joints like the knees and shoulders, a repetitive stress injury may result in constant pain or even handicap a person.

Contact a Queens Work Accident Compensation Lawyer for Help with Compensation

If you have experienced a work-related injury to your knee or shoulder, contact a Queens work accident compensation lawyer right away. It is likely that you will have the right to knee or shoulder injury compensation, and a Queens work injury lawyer can help.

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