Why Workers’ Compensation Benefits are Often Discontinued or Not Approved for

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Robert Golan

According to NYS law, if you are hurt or become disabled while on the job, you are entitled to receive workman’s compensation. If, at any time, during this period, you find out that your benefits are going to be terminated, and you are still unable to perform your on-the-job duties, you need to contact a Suffolk County Workers’ Compensation attorney. Our attorney, Robert Golan, PC is trained in every aspect of the law governing disability and work tirelessly to see to it that you receive the benefits you are entitled to.

Determining the Reasons Your Benefits are Discontinued

Any Suffolk County Workmans’ Compensation attorney is obliged to examine your case and determine the reason your benefits were discontinued. These attorneys do not charge a fee for the service they perform. Filing a civil suit, which can be quite costly, could leave you destitute due to a lack of specific knowledge needed by some outside attorneys to handle certain cases.

Quite often, the problem may be nothing more than a glitch in the myriad of paperwork that can end up in one’s file in cases such as these. You may also be required to see a doctor that works for the state but lacks in depth knowledge of the kind of work that you do.

Therefore, they are the worst ones to be the decision makers as to whether you are able to return to your job or not. Place yourself in the capable hands of an attorney that works within Suffolk County.

Contact our Experienced Suffolk County Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Our Suffolk County Workers’ Compensation attorney has a log list of well trained lawyers that know how to work their way through the bureaucratic red tape that is often part and parcel of disability termination. The sooner you contact one of them, the sooner you will be able to recover the income that you truly deserve.

Contact Robert Golan, PC at 516-586-3910 for more help with your case.

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