Why You Need A Workers Comp Lawyer To Help Fight For Your Rights

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Rightful Claims Are Routinely Denied

The whole idea behind Workers’ Comp is to help people who are injured on the job or have fallen ill and are unable to work. Of course, that may be the idea but these days it often isn’t the case. New statistics point out that most initial claims are now denied because many states have lowered benefits making it nearly impossible for workers to receive the compensation they deserve. This is not a good area for “Do It Yourself” representation, and the first thing you should do if you’ve been injured or are ill is call a qualified work accident compensation lawyer on Long Island immediately.

Missed Details Often Cause A Claim To Be Lost

Every detail, no matter how small is important. Since workers comp claims are mainly generated by injures received at work, all medical evidence is crucial to winning in court. Qualified workers comp attorneys will have a routine established to make certain every scrap of evidence is gathered to ensure the claimant gets a fair settlement. From collecting medical records, physician statements, arranging for a second medical opinion, and even to seeing a specialist, all is best left in the hands of professionals who know their jobs.

Good Legal Representation Couldn’t Be More Important To Receive All That Is Due

Monetary amounts vary according to the injury but a good workers comp attorney will know what the claim is worth. If the injury caused permanent damage, the attorney will also take future medical expenses into account. Insurance companies thrive on being intentionally over-complicated, hoping to cow the claimant into accepting less than they deserve. Without a savvy attorney to do the negotiating you, risk being cheated.

Why You Need A Workers’ Comp Attorney If Your Claim Has To Go Before A Judge

You can almost count on the insurer not willing to be fair, and when this happens claims must be presented to a judge. If the claimant does not agree with the judge’s decree, a good attorney will already be prepared to appeal the decision. Your best chance of getting through the maze of court proceedings is to make sure the attorney you choose has already been successful winning claims for others.

Those With Pre-Existing Disabilities Have Little Hope Of Winning A Claim On Their Own

The disability system is always slanted in the insurers favor and you can count on them to claim the injury was caused by the claimants handicap and not by accident. These claims nearly always require a medical opinion and can be difficult to prove. At this point, the attorney at your side is going to be your best friend. He/she will see to it you get equal treatment and block the insurer from zeroing in on a “pre-existing disability” as an excuse to deny your claim.

Appeal Can Be Won With The Help Of A Good Attorney

Public records will show that approximately half of all workers comp claims are won in the appeals process. Although it may not be a legally recognized fact, quite a few claims get denied no matter how much evidence is presented, as if the insurer hopes you will give up and go away. Most who try to navigate their own claim do just that, and the insurance company wins big when that happens. Don’t let that be you, if you need a Workers’ Comp attorney, call Robert Golan, our work accident compensation lawyer on Long Island now and let the professionals take over.

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