Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Discusses Physical Disfigurement Issues Resulting from Accidents in Queens

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Robert Golan

A multitude of issues can result from a workplace accident. Not only does the apparent physical disfigurement cause trauma for the individual, but emotional trauma stems from these physical disfigurements as well. Facial disfigurements are some of the most traumatic accidents, when it comes to the location of an individual’s unfortunate injury. Facial disfigurements can lead to psychological damage on top of the possibility of hearing and sight loss.

Our Queens Workers’ Compensation lawyer, Robert Golan, PC, can help an individual suffering from a permanent face, head or neck disfigurement. The Workers’ Compensation law of New York lays out that anyone with a permanent facial disfigurement could be entitled to compensation up to $20,000. If a permanent face, head and/or neck disfigurement traumatize you, contact a Queens work accident compensation lawyer to see what compensation you might be missing out on.

A Queens Workers’ Compensation lawyer will help you, from beginning to end if you have suffered facial disfigurement because of a workplace injury. We have worked with people involved in chemical spills, people who had worked on defective machinery and people who experienced an explosion at their place of employment.

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If you decide to work with our Queens work accident compensation lawyer, he will follow all steps necessary, according to New York law. Contact us to file your paperwork and take you through the steps of getting the largest amount of compensation that can receive for your workplace injuries. We, your own personal advocate, will address both your physical and emotional scars.

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