Find Out Your Rights for Work Accident Compensation on Long Island

Making sure you stay safe while you are at work is something you shouldn’t have to worry about. As an employee, you have certain rights when it comes to being protected while you perform your job. While you expect to have a safe work environment, accidents and incidents can and do happen.

Understand that you are protected if you happen to be injured or hurt while on the job. Workers’ Compensation is a law that is designed to protect you, the worker, in the event an accident takes place. Workers’ Compensation is there to help and protect employees on Long Island and in the surrounding area.

While work accident compensation is designed for the employee, not all employers are on the same page when it comes to an injured employee. They may try to fight the claim along with any additional compensation or reimbursement that is rightfully due to you. As long as you can prove that your injury was caused through your job, you should be entitled to benefits.

In 2007, the state of New York enforced legislation to make widespread changes to workers compensation laws. Some of these changes include limitation on lifetime benefits, benefit caps and pointless rejections of many new claims.

Mr. Golan is here to work hard for you and fight for your workers compensation rights. We understand and enforce the new laws and changes that your employer may not have told you about. We will assist you with third-party negligence cases against individuals who may have been involved or witnessed your injury occur.

In addition to us helping you win your claim, we also pursue the employer and their insurance company to get the maximum amount of compensation that is due to you. This could be lost wages, bonuses, and travel expenses to the doctor’s office, therapy appointments and other medical appointments that are related to your injury.

If you have experienced an injury in the Long Island area or lost a loved one due to a work accident, contact us for a free initial consultation at our office.

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