Work-Related Injury Types

If you are in a tight situation after having a work place injury, you can receive support that helps you and family. To get started, knowing some of the injury types that you may encounter on the job will help you realize if you have a Workers’ Compensation case on Long Island.

Robert Golan, PC wants to help you navigate the complex Workers’ Compensation laws. During a free consultation call or visit, we can help you know more about your Long Island work injury case. If you are ready, contact us today.

Since 1997, Robert Golan, PC has helped workers throughout Long Island and surrounding areas receive Workers’ Compensation benefits for many injury types, including:
• Head
• Neck
• Back
• Burns
• Amputations
• Eye and ear
• Carpal Tunnel
• Joint, knee, shoulder
• Psychological injury and post-traumatic stress
• Illnesses and diseases
• Fatal accidents

How We Help You as Long Island Workers Compensation Lawyers

Robert Golan PC serves Long Island using the Workers’ Compensation law to help you receive the money you need following a workplace injury. We provide support through the entire process. Our experience has resulted in our clients receiving the necessary resources they needed.

We have experience as Long Island lawyers throughout all phases of work injury compensation representation.

Receive Service that Supports You

Following our free consultation, Robert Golan, PC encourages clients to ask any questions they may have. If you have concerns, we are available to help you understand the process of Long Island Workers’ Compensation law. We keep you informed throughout the entire process.

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