Your Long Island Workers Compensation – Hearings & Appeals

If you have a Long Island Workers Compensation dispute, it’s important to know how New York law works in these situations. The New York Workers’ Compensation Board will usually hold a hearing concerning your dispute.

During a hearing, a Workers’ Compensation Law judge listens to testimony and reviews evidence from both parties in the dispute. After hearing and reviewing all of the evidence, the judge makes a ruling to allow or disallow the disputed amount and/or the duration of the benefits of the worker.

Within 30 days following a hearing, appeals may be made by either party. Upon approval of an appeal application, a panel of three Workers’ Compensation Board members is assigned to review the testimony and evidence of the case. Following the review, the board members may decide to modify, overturn or affirm the ruling of the previous judge.

Legal counsel is important in any hearing or appeal of Workers’ Compensation claims and disputes. We can help with your Long Island Workers Compensation claim. We are dedicated to helping clients obtain the compensation they need in New York Workers’ Compensation claims. We will make sure that all claims are properly filed, appeals made and facts clarified, giving you the best possible chance of a positive outcome. This applies to any worker who has been hurt or becomes ill due to their employment.

Robert Golan is an experienced workers’ compensation attorney who can help you.  No matter what stage your case is at, Mr. Golan can help guide you through the legal hoops and bureaucratic red tape, making the entire process easier while improving your odds for a successful outcome to receive work accident compensation for your injury.

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