How the Recent Changes in NY Workers Compensation Impact You

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Robert Golan

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On April 9, 2017, the New York State Senate passed workers compensation reform as part of a hard-fought battle over the state budget. Although the impact of these changes is still being discussed, here is what we know so far. These changes:

  • Create an expedited hearing process
  • Limit the timeframe for employees to claim temporary benefits to 2.5 years, unless they can prove that they require more time to heal
  • Lower the threshold to receive permanent benefits to allow more workers to qualify for them.
  • Update the prescription drug formula to include more generic medications
  • Create new medical impairment guidelines that updates the amounts that employees can get for an injury
  • Add provisions to provide workers compensation coverage for ride share drivers for companies such as Uber and Lyft who are injured on the job

The Workers’ Compensation Board will work with medical personnel, patients, insurance companies and other businesses to draft and update new medical and compensation guidelines by the end of the year. We will update this blog with more details about these changes as they become more apparent.

Need Advice on Now These Changes Impact You?

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